Customized Solutions to Meet the Needs of your library and Offers:

The main purpose of INFORMASCOPE is to configure solutions tailored to meet the needs of your library in parallel with your content development policy. Below are some examples of our customized solutions;

  • Library software localization and integration
  • Web and portal integration of library resources
  • Customize library applications
  • Content development policy analysis and content proposals

Training Services:

INFORMASCOPE provides various levels of user training tailored to your library staff or tailored to your end users. INFORMASCOPE's field-specific specialist trainers offer product trainings, library-focused courses, and trainings to enrich your library resource skills.

Technical Assistance and Support:

The service scope of INFORMASCOPE starts with taking your request and continues with after-sales services aimed at increasing the productivity you expect by purchasing the product in question; For this reason, the sustainability of the technical assistance and support provided is an important follow-up to our organizational mission. User portal visits, online help tools and uninterrupted call reporting systems are just a few examples of high-level help services provided. The planned call satisfaction to monitor the business partner / library aims to improve the services provided.


  • Consultancy services
  • Provides E-content
  • Provides Database
  • Provides integrated automation system
  • Provides e-library tools
  • Training and referral services