Jurix in Türkiye is aiming to provide for you a database that includes all articles which are published in all law journals. A significant number of journals currently published regularly in our country are indexed in Jurix and made available to you.

In addition to the magazines, your country's secret sources of law, such as gifts, symposia and conferences, are added to your database.

In Jurix, you will find dozens of magazines, hundreds of volumes and thousands of articles to search for in print and in a few seconds you will find the information you seek. With this you will have the opportunity to take advantage of the solutions that thousands of experts will offer you for your cases.

Jurix aims to move the law publishing to a different channel by adding a large number of legal sources with this digitalization project which started with the magazines. This is the first step to ensure that our readers can access all legal sources at any time, from any place, at any time.

In addition to subscribe to Jurix we would like to remind you that you can get unlimited access to all the magazines in the database and all the archives from the first day to today just for the price of a printed magazine. Digitalization will not only give you simplicity, but also provide access to resources at affordable prices.