Library PressDisplay is a stand-alone web-based portal designed specifically to meet the needs of libraries and educational institutions. Launched in 2003, Library PressDisplay has become the standard digital newsstand of choice in thousands of libraries and educational institutions around the world providing full digital replicas of current-edition newspapers and magazines to students, teachers and researchers.

How does Library PressDisplay benefit your library?

  • Saves money by minimizing postage and delivery costs
  • Saves time with simplified circulation and periodicals management
  • Saves shelf space
  • Encourages visitation and library usage
  • Eco-friendly alternative to print publications

How do your patrons benefit?

  • Access to full content, same-day newspapers and magazines with back issue availability
  • On-site and off-site access to publications
  • Viewable on PC, smartphones or tablet devices
  • Expanded collection of global news resources ideal for research

How does Library PressDisplay work?

  • With easy access and IP authentication, Library PressDisplay can be activated through:
  • EZ Proxy and VPN Client support
  • URL Referral/Scripted URL
  • Library Barcode or Student ID
  • Open Athens