Bento Search

Bento Search - Discovery Tool

Today, students, academics or administrative staff try to access information using multiple tools, and sometimes this process is turn into search for a needle in the haystack and this causes the users to drop searching. In the age when technology is advancing rapidly, scanning technologies are transformed into a certain standard and form. This format, which has already begun to be used in Western libraries, is called "Bento". In short, Bento is a traditional, healthy and hygienic eating habit in Far Eastern cultures where people prepare their lunches at home and take them to workplaces through a box. On a single portion, you can eat your burger, yogurt, rice, salad, and your main dish.

Our project, which exemplifies the Bento tradition, includes free access to non-library access points such as National Library, YÖK Thesis Center, TO-KAT, ULAKBİM Discovery, ULAKBİM Academic Archive, Turkish Historical Society, Google Academic, Open Access Tools (Dspace etc.) It aims to bring together library users access points, such as catalogs and databases, with a simple screening tool to all users from a single interface. It is being developed under Informascope and Ankaref business alliance.

  • Investigate all sources and take advantage of only the source you want
  • Scan resources in real time
  • Access full-text resources
  • Meet with limitless search capabilities as you specify
  • Scan results that are most relevant to the neutral ranking algorithm, not all unnecessary resources
  • Get detailed and real statistics
  • Reach the transparency you seek