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A) Country Specific Market Analysis Reporting:

Having the rich experience of the local markets in Turkey & Central Asia, INFORMASCOPE is specialised in preparing country specific market analysis reports for publishers. Local partnerships with leader providers/suppliers of the information society is a key strength of the company to define and structure a succesfull penetration for the local markets.

B) Local Marketing and Sales Services Support :

INFORMASCOPE prepares product and field specific business plans for its global partners. Main ambition is always creating a sustainable base of business which aims to grow with a professional perspective and to meet local users needs by establishing a highly credible reputation. Systematic reporting and monitoring of activities in coordination with partners are also key drivers of outstanding performance.

C) Credit Control Services to Fullfil Country Specific Regulations :

Having rich experience in the field of governmental and corporate accounts, INFORMASCOPE is well oriented to perform all credit control operations on behalf of its global partners which saves time, energy and cost and also maintains customer satisfaction. Company’s one of the most important process advantage is its enriched expertise in   managing bureucratical relations.


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