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  • Consultancy services

  • E-content supply

  • Databases supply

  • Automation systems supply

  • E-library tools supply

  • Training & Orientation services

A) Customized Solutions & Offers to Meet Your Library’s Needs:

INFORMASCOPE’s main aim is to structure tailor made solutions to fulfill the needs of your library in paralel with your content development policy. Below are some examples of our customized solutions;

  • Library Software Localization & Integration 

  • Web and portal integration of library resources 

  • Library applications customization

  • Content development policy analysis and hence content offerings

B) Training Services :

INFORMASCOPE provides user trainings on several levels either prepared for your library staff or special for your end users. Field specific expert trainers of INFORMASCOPE provides product trainings, library service oriented courses and trainings dedicated to enrich your library resource capabilities.

C) Technical Asistance & Support:

INFORMASCOPE’s scope of service start with receiving your request and continue with after sales services which aims to increase the efficiency you expect by buying the subject product; therefore, the sustainibility of technical assistance and support provided is a key concern under our organizational mission. User site visists, online assistance tools, and uninterrupted service call reporting systems are a few examples of high level assistance service provided. Scheduled call reports to monitor partner/library satisfaction aims to improve the services being provided.


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