Thursday, 22 March 2018

SirsiDynix® Social Library


Chances are, your library already has a Facebook page for interacting with your community and promoting library events. With the SirsiDynix® Social Library solution, that Facebook page can now become a full-access catalog and research tool as well, giving your library all the benefits of a virtual branch but in an existing, active 800 million-user community. SirsiDynix Social Library enables a fully native Facebook application that lets your library users search, place holds, view, discuss, and share library materials all within Facebook. With Social Library working seamlessly with your library as a Facebook virtual branch, you gain all the benefits and visibility without expending any extra effort.

of libraries use social networking tools such as Facebook and Twitter to reach their members.
Go where your users are

Connect with your users by tapping into the enormous 800 million-user community already existing on Facebook. 

Grow your community

Increase user registration and circulation by providing easy access to the library with a Facebook account.

Get socialized

Take advantage of the viral marketing network by putting your library in the social dialogue. Social Library connects you to the world's largest online community.


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