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Digital asset management can mean a lot of things depending on who you are and what you do with it. For a public library, it might be the solution for making your historic photograph and newspaper collections available to the public. For a university, perhaps it’s the combining of institutional repositories across campus into a single, searchable master knowledge base. For a museum or similar institution, it could be the digitization of rare materials so that researchers can take advantage of delicate resources without damaging them. For SirsiDynix Portfolio® platform users, it is all of that and more. In addition to solving for the need to organize an increasing amount of virtual resources—and to allow it to be both accessible and secure—SirsiDynix Portfolio digital asset management takes it a step further, facilitating truly progressive sharing, search, and discovery.

The SirsiDynix Portfolio platform is compatible with Internet Explorer® 7 (or later versions), Mozilla Firefox®, Apple Safari®, and Google Chrome™ browsers, and offers a mobile-friendly view for staff or patrons accessing the system on the go.

Showcase you library's unique digital assets such as PDFs, image files, sound files, and more.
For your eyes only

Restrict or limit access to protected assets, by item or batch, through Portfolio's powerful access control settings. Optional access control and authentication management let's you set viewing privileges by individual, user type, location, content type, or collection.

Digitize and display
Provide easy access to your digitized materials. Reach new members of your community by providing full-text searching, and provide automatically-generated thumbnail previews through Portfolio's built-in object enrichment.
Highlight rare material

Showcase your library's unique content in your catalog and across the internet. Protect sensitive assets with access control and easily manage your material with Portfolio's easy-to-administer content management system.

Attract donors

Excite funding boards and committees with community-focused exhibitions of digital collections. With Portfolio, PDFs, photos, videos, web content, and other content can share virtual gallery space with one another. 

Concentrate knowledge

Gather assets from different digital repositories into a single location. Highlight the best of your collection in digital rooms. Additionally, your information can be displayed on a timeline or interactive map for a custom-made "wow" factor.


Be comfortable sharing your library's photos, collections, and more with the public. With Portfolio, your resources are accessible and secure. Portfolio also gives casual browsers an intuitive, predictive search while providing powerful facets and limits. 

Portfolio allows you to create asset galleries with Portfolio's signature digital rooms. Overlay information on a timeline or interactive map, or create a virtual gallery incorporating PDFs, photos, video, journals, and online content.

Gain greater relevance online with the option to share your digital content with other libraries via technologies such as OAI-PMH harvesting. Highlight the individuality of your libraries by showcasing each library's unique digital assets like PDFs, images, and more.

Restrict and limit access to protected assets, item-by-item or in bulk, through Portfolio's asset control settings. Optional access control and authentication management features can also accommodate different viewing privileges. 

Create, load, or harvest metadata for digital objects, making them easily accessible within each library's OPAC. Use rooms to highlight certain collections for certain audiences and access controls to protect special items or collections.


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