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Have you ever wished for a more customizable OPAC? Would you like to provide your users with intuitive, powerful facets? Reveal the breadth and depth of your collection with SirsiDynix Enterprise®. Enterprise's expansive search facets provide patrons with relevant results and clarity. Enterprise brings out the full potential of all your content with a single search that spans your databases, physical catalog, and digital catalog. It gives you accurate, user-friendly results and a customizable look and feel that integrates with your website. Take charge of your community's discovery experience and learn more by contacting your SirsiDynix representative today.


Only 0.8% of searches on SirsiDynix OPACs are browse searches. 99.2% are keyword.
Integrate with EDS

Give your users easy access to all the information they need. Enterprise integrates with EBSCO Discovery Service to return catalog and EDS results for every search, all in the same interface. Drive up the use of your databases with easy access and powerful facets.

Deliver results your users want

Offer fuzzy matching to improve search results and "Did you mean" features to catch misspellings. Your collections will come to life with book cover displays, user reviews, and bestseller lists. Facets such as publication date or item type can be provided to refine user searches to give only the best results.

Expand your library's reach

Create custom profiles to support the different languages in your community. Embed the Enterprise search bar in your existing library website and organize library resources in digital rooms for easy discovery and display. 

Book club, anyone?

Enterprise's trademark virtual rooms are the perfect venue for showcasing content around bestsellers, blockbusters, or community events. Likewise, demographic-specific rooms can engage specific user groups.


Enterprise allows for simplified management of multiple OPACs by allowing cascading settings through the use of profiles. Its built-in Content Management System (CMS) makes set up simple for non-web developers and ensures solid integration with tools such as eResource Central and EBSCO Discovery Service. 

Enterprise delivers search results and tools the way your students expect. It recommends titles as you type, displays availability and holds in the hitlist, reflects academic reserve items, and supports faceting. Beyond the basics, Enterpise also offers robust integration with other industry-leading tools such as EBSCO Discovery Service and eResource Central. 

Enterprise is a discovery tool that supports faceting, recommends titles as you type, and displays availability and holds information directly from the hitlist. It's built-in CMS makes it easy to create a customized online catalog for your library, even giving you the ability to ceate custom pages or “rooms” around topics or audiences. 
Bibliographic citation features link to Refworks and Zotero for ease of creating and managing a students research bibliographies.
Enterprise's built-in CMS creates custom pages or “rooms” around topics or audiences. 

Help users refine searches with intuitive, customizable facets. Users can limit by date, material type, author, format, and more. You can also define custom facets to make sure your users get exactly what they need.


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