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Pure facilitates an evidence-based approach to your institution's research and collaboration strategies, assessment exercises and day-to-day business decisions.

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Pure facilitates an evidence-based approach to your institution's research and collaboration strategies, assessment exercises and day-to-day business decisions.

Research information is often fragmented across various systems and spreadsheets within an institution. This leads to administrative overhead, inconsistent and incomplete data and unreliable reports, all of which adversely affect business decisions.

Pure aggregates your organization's research information from numerous internal and external sources, and ensures the data that drives your strategic decisions is trusted, comprehensive and accessible in real time. A highly versatile centralized system, Pure enables your organization to build reports, carry out performance assessments, manage researcher profiles, enable research networking and expertise discovery and more, all while reducing administrative burden for researchers, faculty and staff.

Flexible configuration options to meet your needs

From a ready-to-use research information management, networking and expertise discovery tool known as Pure hosted edition, to a fully integrated research information system called Pure integrated edition, Pure provides an extensive range of configuration options.

Through the ability to collect a broad variety of research information – not only publications and projects/awards, but also distinctions, fellowships, posts and offices - Pure allows us to create accurate and validated reports in ways that were not possible before.

Dr Barbara Ebert, Team Leader of the Research Services, Leuphana University Luneburg, Germany



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Capture data across the world of research and reduce administrative overhead

Pure can combine your institution's internal systems such as your HR, student administration, finance and award management systems, along with a variety of external data sources including refined Scopus profiles, plus any legacy data into a single platform. Researchers, administrators and delegates enter supplemental data just once and personnel throughout the organization use the information in Pure for a wide range of purposes.

Pure delivers your institution an all-inclusive view of your researchers' activities, areas of expertise and accomplishments. The content types in Pure, shown below, are highly interconnected so a user can identify a person through related outputs, activities, projects, funding and more. These relationships allow your institution to report across all content in the system without limitations.

Person Awarded grants  Journals
Org units Projects Events
Equipment Activities Press clippings
Funding opportunities Research outputs Impacts
Applications Datasets Student theses



Certify your research information as validated and reliable

Pure provides workflows for data validation and control, so you know your information is accurate, authoritative and complete.



Our Profile Refinement Service will create rich researcher profiles with minimal customer involvement

Take advantage of Elsevier's Profile Refinement Service to enhance your profiles. Before importing Scopus data into Pure, our Profile Refinement Team subjects your researchers' publication lists to automatic name disambiguation and rigorous manual review. New publications are automatically added to each profile as they become available in Scopus. The result: peace of mind that your author information is accurate, dependable and up to date, with minimal manual intervention.

Pure can also search the following external data sources to identify outputs associated with researchers at your institution. Pure retrieves the metadata automatically, saving researchers time and effort.

Scopus®* Mendeley JournalTOC
Web of Science* arXiv CAB Abstracts
PubMed Worldcat®* SAO/NASA Astrophysics Data System
Embase* CrossRef  

Subject to data subscriptions

Pure makes it easy to create, update, and correct researcher profiles by automatically retrieving publication lists from relevant internal and external databases. Add additional content using a wide range of templates that provide structure for future reporting. By helping your researchers enhance their profiles with additional information on their scholarly activities, funding, intellectual property, creative works and other areas, your researchers can reveal a more comprehensive picture of their expertise and become even more discoverable by potential collaborators, both internally and externally. Trusted users can also enter data on behalf of researchers.

Generate and share personalized CVs

Generate CVs and NIH Biosketches for different requirements at the click of a button, then export them as a Word or PDF file or publish them online. Your researchers exercise total control. They determine which profile data to include and personalize their content through customized headlines and free text sections. And because Pure updates sections automatically as relevant content is added, CV maintenance is effortless.



Identify subject experts and stimulate collaboration through the Elsevier Fingerprint Engine™

To facilitate collaboration opportunities, Pure applies semantic technology and 10 different research-specific keyword vocabularies to analyze a researcher's publications and grant awards and transform them into a unique Fingerprint™ – a distinct visual index of concepts and a weighted list of structured terms. Integrated into Pure's search engine, Fingerprints make it easy to understand the meaning of an article, assess the expertise of a researcher or department, and identify research authorities in even the most specialized fields.

Vocabularies supported by Pure cover the following areas of research, and more thesauri will be added over time:

Agriculture and Biology Engineering and Materials Science
Arts and Humanities Mathematics
Business and Economics Medicine and Life Sciences
Chemical Substances & Compounds Physics and Astronomy
Earth and Environmental Sciences Social Sciences

More information about Elsevier Fingerprint Engine

Identify expertise across institutions

Join the experts community and make your research programs and researchers more discoverable by peer institutions for potential collaboration opportunities. Search across the global community of Pure and SciVal Experts customers, plus a host of other platforms linked by the DIRECT2Experts initiative.

Identify and track targeted funding opportunities for your researchers

Pure helps your researchers locate relevant global funding streams through targeted funding opportunity matches to their personal Fingerprints. Users can set up alerts, share opportunities and search or browse through our funding database containing over 20,000 active grants. Administrators can set internal deadlines, create dashboards, distribute reports and more, to help efficiently track, monitor and manage all aspects of the funding discovery process.



Build and share reports and submit national assessment returns

Harness Pure's flexible reporting engine to generate and distribute validated internal intelligence to accelerate promotion and tenure evaluations, departmental and institutional assessments, and other vital requirements. Schedule Pure to run recurring reports at prescheduled intervals and email them automatically as a Microsoft® Word, Adobe® PDF, Microsoft Excel, or HTML file to your predefined distribution lists.

Streamline national assessment reporting

Secure the best possible national assessment outcomes for your organization by taking advantage of Pure to streamline the demanding process to consolidate and submit critically required data. Pure has already proved pivotal for our customers to produce quick and effective full returns for the UK's Research Excellence Framework (REF2014) and Denmark's Bibliometric Research Indicator (BFI). Customers in the Netherlands will soon have the power to issue Standard Evaluation Protocol (SEP) reporting via Pure, as will those in Australia reporting to satisfy the country's Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) initiative.

Pure played a vital role in our preparations for the UK Research Excellence Framework (REF), through the visibility of information and a straightforward management of the returns process.

Dr Craig Young, Research Policy Manager, University of Strathclyde, UK



Track and analyze progress towards research milestones for groups and individuals

Keep track of key milestones through Pure's powerful monitoring tools. Define objectives for any research team or department, then track and analyze progress by using Pure's customizable performance indicators – including Snowball Metrics – or define your own. View progress at a glance with Pure's high-level dashboards, drill down to person- or project level detail, and click to generate instant progress reports for managers, department heads, or other Pure users.



Monitor your research grant life cycle and success rates

Pure's customizable workflows help administrators track the entire research grant life cycle, from funding opportunities and applications to final awards. Enter funding opportunities into Pure, route them to researchers, and safeguard proper approvals for applications – including limited submission grants – by establishing sign-off routes that meet your organization's requirements. You can even trace your grant success rate by researcher, department, or full institution.



Connect and collaborate

Pure's portal promotes accomplishments and facilitate collaboration through extensive networking and expertise discovery capabilities

Pure enables you to exhibit your organization externally, promote your researchers and their accomplishments, and facilitate collaboration via a specialized web portal, known as the Pure Experts Portal and included as part of your Pure subscription. You can further broaden your reach and partnership possibilities by joining the Experts Community and DIRECT2Experts.

Because the Pure Experts Portal is online, it eliminates the burden of supporting separate online profile contact pages and can help facilitate cross-institutional collaborations, economic development initiatives and other external partnerships.


Pure helps research managers at your institution

  • Create and distribute reports to analyze the performance of researchers, teams, departments or custom-made groups
  • Set targets using customizable performance indicators and track progress through advanced, customizable dashboards
  • Track, monitor and manage the entire research grant life cycle, from funding opportunities, applications and their success rates, to awards and related projects
  • Oversee and fine-tune internal and external collaboration networks
  • View high-level summaries and analyses and drill down to person, organizational unit or project level
  • Support national research assessment exercises including:
    • UK: Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2014 
    • Denmark: Bibliometric Research Indicator (BFI) initiative
    • Australia: Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA)*
    • Netherlands: Standard Evaluation Protocol*

Support in development


Pure helps researchers at your institution

  • Easily manage their profiles through automatic publication retrieval
  • Create personalized CVs and export them as a .docx or .pdf
  • Enhance the visibility of their profiles and areas of expertise to the research community, government agencies, industry, media and the public by automatically publishing their activities and achievements online
  • Identify their peers' expertise for potential collaboration – down to the most precise terms – through our exclusive Fingerprint Engine™.
  • Provide information for reports to ensure reporting is based on current and complete data
  • Automatically populate the institution's institutional repository(DSpace, ePrints, FEDORA and Equella) with the information they provide in their profiles


Pure helps librarians at your institution

  • Assure high data quality within Pure by managing Pure's workflows
  • Assist with keeping researchers' publication histories current by managing automated scans of multiple online publication sources, easily merging duplicate records and providing accurate lists of Scopus articles through the optional Profile Refinement Service
  • Increase the visibility of the content in Pure by integrating it with the library systems
  • Heighten awareness of Open Access publications available within Pure through the Sherpa RoMEO API
  • Systematically tag institutional data using the Elsevier Fingerprint Engine to enable discovery of historic data

Modules available in Pure

Tailor Pure to your organization's needs through its optional feature-rich modules.

Administration Perform essential create, read, update and delete tasks to all content types in Pure, plus other essential capabilities from controlling user access to administering workflows
Assessments Take advantage of Pure's rich data repository to consolidate and submit full returns for assessment exercises such as The REF, BFI, SEP* and ERA
Award Management Track and monitor the entire research grant life cycle, from current funding opportunities, applications and their success rates, to awards and related projects
CV Allows researchers to create multiple CVs for different purposes, Includes rule-driven automatic updates whenever new content is added
Funding Discovery module Search for funding opportunities or receive targeted recommendations from SciVal Funding to profiled researchers in Pure based on their publications and receive potential collaborators suggestions. It also enables research administrators to track the opportunities and help form effective research teams.
Import Import rich publication and citation data captured in your subscribed online databases, such as Scopus and Web of Science
Reportings Advanced report creation and distribution capabilities for all Pure content. Users can create new reports or modify existing ones. Apply targets to predetermined research performance indicators for your departments, then track and share performance updates via at-a- glance reporting dashboards to help realize strategically important goals

*In development for 2014

Additional modules and functionality available in Pure

VIVO Join VIVO quickly and easily with Pure, which will be fully compatible with the VIVO ontology. Pure will share your institution's profile information as linked data, saving you substantial time and resources necessary to launch and maintain your own system.
Direct2Experts DIRECT2experts is a community of insitutions whose goal is to improve collaboration amongst its members. It brings together different institutions using different profiling systems into a single search interface, from which Pure customers will be able to benefit.
Experts Community Pure Experts Portal customers will be able to choose whether to participate in the Experts Community. By joining the Experts Community, you will make your research programs and researchers more discoverable by peer institutions, and you can run searches for collaborators in other organizations.

Support during and after your implementation

A specialized implementation team works closely with each institution to ensure a smooth deployment of Pure. After initial onsite meetings, bi-weekly online meetings are arranged to keep the project on track, and Elsevier's support staff provides you with post-implementation assistance. Support from peer institutions is also available through Pure user groups, which meet on a regular basis.

Controlled access

Within Pure, administrators can grant users access to the system based on their role within the institution or the faculty or school to which they belong, ensuring that users are only able to view, edit and report on the content relevant to them. Researchers and other users with sufficient rights can also mark content as confidential, making it visible only to the users that are associated with the content, as well as relevant editors and senior administrators.

"The intuitive and well-designed user-interface has had excellent feedback from our regular academic users of Pure."

Rachel Curwen, Research Strategy and Policy Officer, University of York, UK

Contact us

The Pure Helpdesk is available during European working hours at +45 96 35 61 00

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Pure Documentation

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