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ABOUT LEXISNEXIS.COM is your portal to international and U.S. jurisprudence documents, legal cases,annotations, commentary and key analyses/visions on international court procedures. Our user-friendly interface will quickly lead you to the information you need. Get the facts on due diligence, security law, mergers & acquisitions, criminal law, taxes, healthcare, environmental issues, transfer pricing and social security, from international legislation and regulations as well as general news sources and business information.

Shepard’s® Citations Service
Go beyond just negative analysis with Shepard’s Citations Service, featuring True Positive and Questioned Validity treatments, to get the true depth of coverage. Decide quickly what is important to you with the Shepard’s Summary, which surfaces the most important information you need to the top of the report.

Case Summaries and Headnotes
Read the headnotes written by legal experts drawing from the exact language of the court—not from editors’ interpretations. Expand the scope of your research in one click with More Like This Headnote.

News and Business Content
Search through more than 22,000 trusted news, business and financial sources from around the world. Gain industry insight from Dun & Bradstreet®, Dow Jones®, Hoover’s™, Standard & Poor’s® and more.

Public Records
Streamline factual discovery with access to over 36 billion records, including public, private, regulated and derived data representing more than 352 million unique businesses and more than 1.2 billion unique contacts.

Related Content
View content sources you might not know exist. Reduce your need for additional searching by finding more content relevant to your case. Control costs by accessing only those sources that matter most.

Research Classification System—LexisNexis® Search by Topic
Get the depth and breadth you need without the overwhelming volume of useless listings you get elsewhere. Keep current on legal developments with regularly updated topics. Locate relevant topics even if exact search term is not in the hierarchy. View additional suggested terms to find the right topic.


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