Thursday, 22 March 2018

Bridger Insight

Bridger Insight offers solutions for compliance with screening requirements of international AML regulations.

Bridger Insight provides easy control over your client screening and acceptance process, to help you be compliant with Anti-Money Laundering rules. Sanction lists, PEP lists, watch lists, company information, and country risks are standard and updated automatically.

  • Easily add your own customised blacklists
  • Automatically screen your entire customer database
  • Completely integrate into the workflow behind your firewall
  • Assure compliance by integrity officers and risk managers
  • Streamline compliance by anti-money laundering analysts


  • Solve Compliance Requirements
    Streamline your company’s efforts to comply with the due diligence provisions of international anti-money laundering regulations.
  • Make Screening Easier
    Screen individuals and companies ad hoc, and then manually or fully automate in batches. Escalate cases for further research or for automatic storage.
  • Create and Customise Lists
    Monitor a large collection of updated sanction and watch lists, as well as PEPs, company information, country risks, and biographies. You can easily add your own customised blacklists to further ensure compliance.
  • Minimise false positives
    Take advantage of Bridger Insight’s superior fuzzy-name matching algorithm to reduce false positives, saving you time and money. The ability to add any irrelevant results to an ‘Accept List’ reduces future false positives further, increasing the time saved.


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