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Geofacets enhances the geoscientist's workflow through four unique capabilities:

  1. Content
    Geofacets provides hundreds of thousands of scientific maps extracted from peer-reviewed publications 
  2. Discoverability
    Only Geofacets offers unique location-based, keyword and advanced search utilities developed by geoscientists for geoscientists 
  3. Context and insights
    Geofacets provides source article information and links along with each map 
  4. Integration
    Geofacets allows users to directly integrate map images and georeferenced maps into GIS and presentation tools

Product Brochure

A brief overview of Geofacets' innovative product features, user benefits,trusted content partners and scientific publications.




Why should an organization have Geofacets?

  • To make more informed decisions
  • To better assess risks in drilling and exploration activities
  • To conduct deeper analyses in less time

Geofacets aggregates curated content from across trusted sources, which aids in decision support and justification while increasing the overall organization's knowledge base about strategic exploration regions. Geofacets offers maps from Elsevier, the Geological Society of London, the Geological Society of America, the Society of Economic Geologists and the Society for Sedimentary Geology, and continually grows its database as new maps are published.

Geofacets -GIS Software


Partners & Advisors

Our product development partners and 3rd party advisors helps us make Geofacets unique and truly valuable for geoscientists working in exploration.

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Millennium Editions

Geofacets Millennium Editions allow members of partner societies to purchase individual access to their society's maps that are published from 2000 to present.

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