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About Symphony

At the heart of SirsiDynix's technology offerings for libraries and consortia is the integrated library system (ILS). For our ILS customers, SirsiDynix delivers superior technology, outstanding customer service, and the backing of a worldwide organization in place to help ensure they make the most of their investments in the ILS technology infrastructure. What we really provide is an enterprise solution – open, industry-standard, versatile, scalable technology for managing all technical and public services within libraries and consortia. With SirsiDynix ILS technology, libraries and consortia aren't just buying a product, though our ILS products offer n-tier architecture, open APIs, leading-edge security and authentication, and other leading technologies such as Java. In reality, our users are investing in the future of their institutions when they choose a SirsiDynix ILS.

SirsiDynix's flagship offering is SirsiDynix Symphony, a comprehensive, integrated library and consortium management system. It is built on the proven SirsiDynix Unicorn architecture that is in use by more library organizations around the world than any other single integrated library system.

With SirsiDynix Symphony leading the way for the future, SirsiDynix continues a 25-year commitment to providing libraries and consortia of all types and sizes a backbone system they can and do rely on to run their operations better and smarter, while and serving their users.

SirsiDynix Symphony, blending the best of the Unicorn GL3 and Horizon 8/Corinthian systems, offers libraries and consortia the stability, quality, and performance they need to operate productively and efficiently, while equipping them to serve people and entire communities. Open, versatile, and scalable, SirsiDynix Symphony is a total solution for managing all technical and public services – enabling libraries and consortia to cut costs while providing the highest quality of service.

Built on the foundation of the SirsiDynix Unicorn®, SirsiDynix Symphony benefits from its architecture being installed at more library sites around the world than any other single enterprise-caliber library system. Thanks to its flexible architecture, this powerful ILS solution is designed to always be current because it is able to easily accommodate new technologies and to evolve as necessary to meet the growing needs of libraries and their users.

Additional features and options for SirsiDynix Symphony in 2007

Optional Web-based staff clients supporting key circulation, cataloging, inventory, and reporting functions-based on analysis of K-12 needs

Spell checker in EPS user experience portal

E-Vance calendar support in EPS

Enhanced Unicode CJK browse search options.

Enhanced support for display and printing of right-to-left-based scripts

"Group patron card" for family and proxy situations

Credits on user records for enhanced e-commerce

"Books by Mail" option that allows authorized users to have materials delivered to home/office

Web Reporter ad hoc reporting tool option for embedded and full Oracle sites

Multi-tiered holdings display for consortia in EPS

Unlimited, group-based hold parameters for hold fill by geographical or political factors

ntier-horiz-smArchitecture to grow on
SirsiDynix Symphony features an elegant design that employs an n-tier architecture. The flexibility of n-tier design enables scalability and modularity. SirsiDynix Symphony uses the same software architecture employed by the industry-standard relational database management system (RDBMS) technology of Oracle® databases, SAP, and most of today's major commercial information systems. This architecture lends itself to supporting modular systems and ensures that SirsiDynix Symphony has the scalability to expand to meet the needs of all types and sizes of libraries.

SirsiDynix Symphony's architecture makes it easy to change databases and to implement new functionality and entirely new modules and clients – all without requiring difficult and time-consuming redesign of the SirsiDynix Symphony server.SirsiDynix has a solid history of expanding Unicorn without altering the technology foundation and investments our clients already have in place. That's why the initial release of SirsiDynix Symphony will be a rock-solid platform for today and for the future.